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Customer Care - 07031777916, 07031777918

increase sales and connect with consumers

Merchant Program

Kampke's merchant program is a new way for Merchants to increase sales and customer base for their product offerings.

Our digital store offers consumers nationwide the choice of online purchase while our physical stores unlike other online stores creates an avenue for direct customer-product interaction.


Benefits for merchants:

Increase Sales - Increase your monthly sales with our growing customer base online and offline

Grow brand awareness – Enjoy free marketing from our paid advertising on social media platforms, outdoor banners, handbills etc.

Customer Feedback - The importance of customer’s feedback cannot be over emphasized. We gather for you real-time Customer Feedback on your products in our physical stores and customer service department. This would help your product decision making process which would lead to growth in sales.


We look forward to discussing further with you and establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Email -

Abayomi - 070 34 38 1353 | Matthew 080 61 51 4646